Bingo Fuel

Boy oh boy. Do I have a story and suggestion for you guys. So today I was operating Alaska airlines flight 334 from Los Angeles California to Seattle (on the training server). So normally the flight takes about two hours or so. It was pretty clear day visibility was nice the winde though were not really in my greatest favor. I was pushing about 496 ground speed and I had a direct cross wind of about 86 knots to the east. Mind you that I was flying north and the flight basically went normally until about couple miles away actually no… I was on Final approach to runway 16 center and I had exactly 2 hours and 35 minutes of fuel on board when I first left. when I got there I had about 30 minutes of fuel left and just as I was about to touch down the tower had came on and told me to initiate a go around and I’m bingo fuel. Unfortunately tower told me to go around and I had to abide by it because there is no option to tell the tower that you’re bingo fuel and that you need to land even though it is my fault I should’ve planned it better I still think there should be an option to be able to tell the air traffic control that you’re running out of fuel and that you need minimal delay to get to the airport. so long story short make sure you have enough fuel but also it would be really nice if there was a way to be able to tell the air traffic controller’s that I’m running out of fuel I need to land immediately. (Don’t mind the grammatical errors. I was using Siri’s speech to text). Long story short I made the landing and got the passengers to the gate :)


There is a Emergency Fuel atc command but i think it only works on expert

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There is a way to tell the controller but you have to be up in the air for a longer period of time and you have to be lower in fuel!

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Is this in real life or Infinite Flight? In IF you can tell ATC about emergency fuel in Expert.

It was infinite flight. I should have clarified

You can make this a feature request or just plan your flight beforehand so you have more enought fuel to complete your flight although, I believe they have a command like this in the expert server :)

I was on the training server so I guess that makes sense

Go get some XP, landings and flight time to get to Expert server!

Thanks for the heads up. I did make it but I had 5 percent fuel left when I did. So when I landed I ended up using max level braking to make the nearest exit. Then when I cleared the runway and retracted the flaps and spoilers. I taxied to the gate on one engine to save fuel.


i have access to the server. I just haven’t used it yet

Yeah. Long story short I made the landing and got to the gate. What got me really was the go around. That’s why I was almost out of fuel

I recommend you use a flight planning program like simbrief or something similar and remember to bring extra fuel. Before you start flying in expert, check out some tutorials so you don’t get yourself ghosted lol

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I think that’s a good idea. Thanks for the advice

@Hour45 Was there a reason you went on training server instead of the expert server even though you had access to it? At least you landed safely.

Ehh not really. Just decided not to go on expert today :)

You learn something new everyday :) Happy landings.

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Thanks I appreciate that. Yeah I’m a student at Embry-Riddle and I thought this would be a good lesson to leave here on the page. I knew I would make the flight no doubt about it. It was really the last minute go around that got me into trouble. Happy Landings as well!

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Was there are reason that ATC on TS gave you a go-around instruction or was it just a new controller learning the ropes and trying out different instructions?

I wish I had a direct answer. I was lined up and the controller had told me to go around just as my main gear touched down. So to avoid penalty I gunned it and went up. It was Unicom when I was landing and then all of the sudden tower activated without warning and told me to go around. I had enough fuel to go around come back land make the first exit and to the gate. I was scared to get diverted somewhere else. There was a crosswind of about 23kts but I’m pretty well experienced with crosswinds. So I have no idea why he told me to do so.

If on TS then sounds like he was just flexing his new muscles. You wouldn’t have got a penalty

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