Bingo fuel perhaps?

So I was just looking at my fuel and time left in the flight and like I’m not sure I’ll make it. If the winds are not on my side then well I’m not sure I will be able to make it what do you guys think?

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You’ll be fine. Once you keep flying and burn fuel, you’ll be lighter.


You’ll be fine. @Speedyyy is right.

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Also to add to what @Speedyyy said, you will burn very little fuel in the descent especially because the 777 can descend with almost idle thrust.


Well you deleted ur post but I’m heading to Seoul from Miami

Yeah, you’ll be fine.

I’ll voluntarily suspend myself from the IFC if I’m wrong. Everyone’s making good points about this. I was joking. After all, I love the IFC!

Can you check the current wind? Wind is the main cause of this and after you get out of that packet of wind you’ll be back to normal.

I was really debating on where to go I could’ve gone to Hong Kong and used the a330 UPS nit I would rather flying a 777 to I decided to go to Seoul but those were the only two options because those are the only two planes that have the UPS and Fedex logo that have enough fuel to make it. I probably could’ve stopped in Anchorage to be really realistic but kinda didn’t want to tbh

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Current wind definitely not the greatest it could be

Yea the wind will eventually change and everything will be ok🙂

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I get into this position all the time. On an hour flight, when I’ll be climbing, it says I won’t make it. When ever I increase speed or level off, it says I have like 3 hours remaining before I run out of fuel. You’ll be fine.

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Problem is, this is at cruise.

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