Binge Flight! | Part 1


Welcome to my new series called Binge Flight! In this series, I’ll have an interesting flight to show off as well as what movie/TV series I watched during the flight. In other words, I don’t touch grass (how can I when the ground is covered in snow 🙃).

Anyway, let us begin!

Good morning Aviators! Welcome to SFO! On today’s flight down to Christchurch, New Zealand, we’ll be on this beautiful Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner!

Yea, this Screenshots/Videos topic has been on the back burner for quite some time. Just needed the United Evo Blue 787-9 🙃

Got a great seat next to this magnificent piece of engineering, the General Electric GEnx-1B! This mighty engine can produce 71,000 lbf! That’s like… a lot 😵‍💫

After a quick taxi to the rwy 28L, we’re off, off, and away!

Also, I don’t think @Topgottem likes SFO that much. He’s not even here 🫢

For this 13.75-hour flight, I decided to binge-watch the entire Indiana Jones saga! From the Raiders of the Lost Ark to the Dial of Destiny, this was a solid 10 hours of movies (and I’m just getting started)!

Spoiler Alert

Indiana tends to cheat on every girl he meets until you watch the 4th movie and realize that uh… he got more than he bargained for. Then the 5th movie has a major plot twist about the events of the 4th movie. Luckily, everyone lived happily ever after.

Let the darkness lead us into the light
Let our dreams get lost, feel the temperature rise
Baby, tell me one more beautiful lie
One touch and I ignite
Like a starship speeding into the night
You and I get lost in the infinite lights
Baby, tell me one more beautiful lie
One touch and I ignite

Looking at this picture and listening to Ignite by Alan Walker gave me the idea to include some song lyrics into this part of the topic.

After finishing the last movie, I found myself over a popular airport in Infinite Flight, Auckland Airport! This picture was also taken at 42000 feet!.. well, a bit higher actually since I’m above the plane- Wait!? How did I get out here??

After a solid day of flying, we descend to our destination! I like to point out just how beautiful this country is. For those looking for a scenic place to fly, take a trip to New Zealand.

Also, I’m sorry to say this @United403 but New Zealand is more beautiful than Jackson Hole 😅

After a combination of 10 hours of Indiana Jones and nearly 14 hours of flying, we have arrived in Christchurch!

And here is my long route across the emptiness of the Pacific Ocean!

Hope all of you enjoyed part 1 of my Binge Flight series! More to come soon!


Doing Queenstown to Wellington rn! Im doing this flight tmr morning. Looks really fun


good stuff

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Facts lol
And is it has that I’ve never once seen an Indiana Jones movie


Watch them. They’re good 👍

This reminds me of the time I watched 15 episodes of The Office on a flight from EHAM - KJFK IRL

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Achievement unlocked: “Fly From the best airport”
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@PhorzaSky what is the app named or website? BTW, nice photos!

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Thank you!

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Nice pictures!


@United403 will never forgive you.
Also as of now I’m doing my first overnight flight. It was a birthday overnight (my b day was yesterday) and I’m 1:30 out of Seattle.
Great pics @PhorzaSky!


Thanks for the amazing stories with scenery! Keep up the good work!

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I’ve also done an overnight flight before in IF but that was when flight resume wasn’t around and unfortunately my wify cut out so my flight was cancelled mid flight 🙁