Binder Checklists in IF help

I was just reading @Delta_Virtual 's topic on people’s IF setup, and what I saw pop up a lot in the comments was a checklist/binder. Now I could see people using this in global for writing down instructions, reminders, calculations, etc. for 2+ hour flights, but I personally just don’t understand it since my longest flights (without touch and goes) are less than an hour. Maybe people just want this for realism or it could be that I’m missing out on something very useful or people are just prepping for global. If anyone has an idea or could tell me why they use that I would like to hear about it. Thanks!


I don’t write down info either. But if I wanted to, this is what would be useful if I wanted to reference it:

Flight plan
Cruising Altitude
ATC/runway information


not to mention taxiway charts


A binder can be very helpful. Here’s what I keep in mine:

  • Scrap paper. I use it to copy instructions and do math.
  • Nav Log
  • Checklists
  • Airport Diagrams
  • Sectional chart printouts. (More useful in PC sims ATM.)
  • Plane performance specifications (Takeoff length, best climb speed, best altitude, etc.)

In vatc writing down ifr clearance is very important.

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I don’t have a true binder or anything like that. Instead, when I’m going to simulate a real-world flight, I just grab a piece of scratch paper and put down some vitals, such as airports, gate numbers, waypoints, and cruising altitude. I feel that true “checklists” aren’t really needed in IF, as it a mobile sim, which results in simplicity.


Thank you, I will use that on my next flight!

I know this is completely off topic but just a FYI that @Delta_Virtual is No Way Connected with the Current DLVA which is Approved by IFVARB

Back on topic, if I were to write down anything it would be my FPL but I just use Sim Brief which saves it automatically… I highly recommend it! :)


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