Biman Bangladesh livery

Please can you do the biman Bangladesh 787-8 livery Reg S2-AJS, S2-AJT or S2-AJV don’t mind any reg will do

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This should be in features. In order to post there you have to be TL2. So keep liking commenting and be helpful in the community and you’ll be there in no time.

Not the 787 but you can vote for the livery of the 777 and when you are TL2 make one for the 787:)


You can make a feature request in #features where people can vote for it so it could possibly be added :D

I’m considering re-doing both of those livery requests, so you may see one or both, re-done and posted in a week or so :)

I’ve been in the talks with Seb, about closing my old to make a new, which I’m almost done with since I wanted to fix the grammar and many things with the old request I made for the 777 at least.

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Can you make one for the 787

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Read up. @Captain_JR said he will probably do it:)

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Yep. In the works with re-doing the 777 one first, and the 787, should be out later this month, I was hoping :)


Which reg are u using for the 777-300ER and 787-8 @Captain_JR

Haven’t chosen a specific reg yet. Will do that tomorrow. I need some more time making the requests, to perfect them.

Do you have any specific reg in mind?

@Captain_JR 777-300ER (REG S2-AFO) 787-8 (REG S2-AJV) Also bhai please include the name of that plane so EG the ganchill for the 787-8

I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for the suggestions.

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@Captain_JR Jzakallah