Biman Bangladesh DC-10-30

With hype regarding the addition of a DC-10 or MD-11 into IF, I figured that the Biman Bangladesh DC-10 would be a great addition. As the very last commercial operator of a DC-10, Biman had commemorative flights around Birmingham to showcase S2-ACR, the final remaining DC-10-30 in passenger service. The somewhat retro livery and the lack of a present Bangladeshi livery in IF really make this stick out as my No. 1 choice for a DC-10 livery, especially with all the history surrounding it. Sadly, this aircraft was retired in 2014 and scrapped in 2015. A picture of its water cannon salute in BHX before final retirement is attached below.

Credit to Martyn Edward:


Please only post one photo per feature request. Thankyou! :)

My apologies, I figured the water cannon salute was just so heartwarming I had to put it in.

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Yeah they always look beautiful. It’s a nice livery too.

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What do you mean “possible”? It’s highly confirmed.


Yeah, they’ve already done 70% of it!


Has it? I never knew the devs confirmed it… guess I’ll have to change it.

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The podcast was released


Yeah! Have you watched the Infinite Flight Podcast? It has all the devs, and the members.

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The picture doesn’t really show the livery…
Still, from what I know, it’s a great livery!

Beautiful livery for the DC-10

Simple but nice. Also the water spray is nice.

Amazing. I dislike the livery but when it is on a Grandplane it is PERFECT.

A grandplane is basically the grandfather of all planes. :-)

Is there any way to see just the script as in the British Council Podcasts for learning English? I hate having to see a video especially if I just can’t increase play speed by even 1.001x and I need to know just what they said.

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Needs to be added to the DC-10 in IF!

Go to YouTube on a PC and you can speed the video up in the video settings menu (the gear button at the bottom of the video player).

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Just a reminder now that the voting system is in place – please use the “vote” button in the top left corner rather than the like button! Thanks to everyone who liked this beautiful plane!

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I think this should definitely have more votes now, quite surprised that the Devs didn’t add this one in.

Only two votes, doesn’t stand out to the developers.

Don’t leave a message in a chat that hasn’t had a response in 9 months, you’ll get bad luck :(.