Biman Bangladesh Boeing 777-300ER

Biman Bangladesh Airlines B77W (S2-AHN)

Photographer: Simon PrechtlPhoto: JetPhotos

Hi Everyone, Pilots, ATC, Ladies, Gentlemen, Humans, Others and Flying Dogs, alike…

With the announcement, and currently on-going Rework of the Boeing 777 Series, and since on-behalf of my request, asking Staff to close the previous Feature Request to make a Brand New one, so hereby I present, the new Feature Request for the Livery of the National Flag Carrier of Bangladesh; Biman Bangladesh Airlines, and more specifically their 777-300(ER).

We as of today, currently, from what I got to know, upon request by someone, have the callsign for the airline, but the livery is still not available in Infinite Flight… Now that the 777 Series is undergoing a thorough rework, this is the absolute perfect time to show some love for Biman.

The Airline utilizes its 777-300(ER) mainly on routes from their Main Hub; Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, to its Secondary Hub; Osmani International Airport, Sylhet, as well as Flights to Muscat, Doha, Dammam, Chittagong, Abu Dhabi and London–Heathrow, with special charter flights, multiple times a day to Jeddah and Medina during the Islamic Pilgrimage (Hajj).

Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Shahjalal International Airport

Boeing 777

Thank You for reading through this Features Request!

If you wish to see Biman Bangladesh’s Livery on the “State of the Art”, Boeing 777-300(ER),
in the upcoming, B777 Rework, then don’t forget to Vote!

Nice request actually, the livery is beautiful and Told you i’d vote;)


Lovely, Thanks a lot :)

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Nice livery! I’d vote for It, but unfortunately I ran out of votes! :( This B77W flies to my home kuwait sometimes, but regularly they send the B787!

Also check this beautiful B77W Livery of Kuwait Airways Kuwait Airways Boeing 777-300ER
vote for It If you like and and have the votes to. :)

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If you ever find any spare vote, don’t hesitate to give this one it ;)

Also, regarding them sending their 787, has to do with the fact that the 777’s are now being used for Hajj flights to Jeddah :)

Also, I do wish that the Kuwait Airways livery request fulfills it purpose and that we get to see Kuwait Airways in IF too, in the future 👍

Hopefully both beautiful liveries will be added soon👏🏻💙

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With the 777 rework, there may be a possibility for it to be added, that’s what I’m hoping for :)

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If I ever have a spare vote, I’ll surely vote for this one.😉 I’d love to fly her from Kuwait To Dhaka!

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If i could vote twice i would:) That livery is actually beautiful the more i look at it😂🤔


Wow, Thank You.

Not everyday I get to hear that, very appreciated that you like it so much :)

Without being Biased, I personally have always loved red and green stripe that goes along the fuselage.


I like It! Got my vote.


Biman Bangladesh & Islamic Pilgrimage (Hajj)

For centuries, the Hajj has been a sacred time of the year for Islam, annually, and as of this year, more than 1.5 million Muslims are said to attend the Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. With the ever-increasing populations of this world, humans have tried to find new ways of transportation, and flying has always been a dream for mankind.

Bangladesh has estimated, that there are roughly 130,000 pilgrims travelling to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. And Biman is said to carry an outstanding 65,000 pilgrims to Jeddah, King Abdulaziz International Airport.

The 4 of the 777-300ER, Biman currently have in their fleet have seat configurations that allow for little over 400 passengers to travel, as Biman’s flight from London to Dhaka via Sylhet is considered one of the most hectic flight to depart London-Heathrow, those days of the week that Biman operates BG202.

August 9th, 2019 - August 14th, 2019

Today, August 9th, marks the beginning of the Hajj, 2019, and will go on until around the 14th. This scared time of the year changes with the lunar calendar, but each year as we enter this period, Biman Bangladesh, along with many other airlines in the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia, partake in charter flights that depart multiple times a day.

Hectic / Busy Routes, Peak Travelling Time

By voting for Biman Bangladesh Airlines, 777-300ER, you have the chance to fly this airline on some of the most hectic routes during one of the peak travelling times of the year, where hundreds of thousands of pilgrims leave for Mecca from Dhaka, on basis of multiple flights a day.

Bumping it!

Keep this in mind please…

Yeah, I don’t like unnecessary bumping but this topic didn’t got any reply for nearly 5 months. Just gave it a bump so that whoever likes this livery and wants this in the sim can give support to this by voting for this request.


It didn’t get bumped for five months, not 3 hours…


What a lovely livery! Hope to see it come with the 77W rework, will definitely fly it to Heathrow!

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Thank You for your Support Charlie, I really do wish to see the livery come with the rework.

We have the aircraft, 77W, and we have the Callsign, what
s left is the livery ✌

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Definitely! I don’t have any free votes at the moment but 100% am hopeful this will come, you have my support ;)

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Ohh this looks amazing! Lemme see if I can clear out any votes for this one…

Edit: Voted! Hope it gets added in IF sometime soon :)