Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Hi Everyone!
As my first #features post I want to request for an airline that is close to my heart. Biman Bangladesh Airlines! If you want to learn more about the airline please see the link below: Biman Bangladesh Airlines - Wikipedia
In its history, Biman has actually accomplished quite a few achievements most notably being the last airliner to use the DC-10 (iv actually been on it in 2007). Biman has purchased four 787-8 and two 787-9 aircrafts which they use on a whole range of routes which include London, Manchester, Dubai and Abu Dhabi amongst others. Biman is also hoping to start non stop service from Dhaka Hazrat Shajalal International Airport to Toronto Pearson International Airport. They are also planning to restart their New York via Manchester route.

Biman Bangladesh Fleet

Boeing 737-800= 6
Boeing 777-300ER= 4
Boeing 787-8= 4
Boeing 787-9= 2
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400= 2



These are just some of the long haul aircraft that Biman has!

The DC-10 is an iconic aircraft! When I first joined Infinite Flight I was quite surprised that the livery was not included in the DC-10 options as it was the last airliner to use it as a commercial jet!

Biman is starting to become a big player in the South Asian market and Dhaka Hazrat Shajalal Airport is starting to become a competition ground from airlines all over the world such as Emirates, Turkish Airlines and even British Airways as they have applied to resume flights after 11 years!
My request is to add this livery to the game to any of the aircrafts that it has in in its fleet! This will open up the opportunity for a new destinations across the South Asian region and quite frankly across the world!
Thank you!

Unfortunately in line with the category rules - requests are limited to 1/post.

There are plenty of Biman livery requests on the forum.

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Hey, I would suggest looking into these!

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