Biman Bangladesh Airlines 777-300ER

📸: Sam Chui

Hi there,

For a very long time i wanted this airline to be added in IF because of it’s vibrant colours and how cool the design looks. I feel like this is one of the international airliner (probably the only one) that has not been added to the game yet. I hope they add this to the upcoming rework 777 family.

The airline currently has 4 777-300ER and recently added more 787-9 to their fleet. So hopefully the devs also considers adding this livery to the 787 family as well along side the 777 family.

Best suitable long haul route is probably Dhaka - Manchester.

Hey ! It’s think this livery will be added only to the B777 as they are reworking. The B787 will not be reworked before at least 3~2 years.

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I am not expecting a livery for the 787 but atleast they include this in the 777!

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You can request only one feature in a topic, There’s already an active request for this B77w

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This is duplicate request, you can vote for the active request mentioned above

Oops sorry didn’t notice it before. Thanks for pointing it out, deleting this!

Don’t worry, just flagged it. Mods will take care of it