Biman Bangladesh 737-800

(Photo Credit: Shabbir A. Bashar)

This request is for the striking Biman Bangladesh livery to be added to the upcoming, and much-anticipated, 737 update.

Biman currently operates four 737-800s as part of their recently modernized fleet, which also includes the B77W, B788 and Q400.

The Biman 737-800s are configured with 150 economy and 12 business class seats, and come complete with modern IFE systems.

Located in South Asia, Bangladesh has beautiful natural diversity which could be fully explored and experienced with this amazing aircraft.

I did a search before posting and found an older request for a Biman 737-800, but with a different livery. That request had been closed.

I know votes are like gold (this is my last one), and there are many other requests out there, so thank you for considering this one.

I think it’s a bit late to be requesting a livery for the next update… They’re probably hoping to get it out in December and it’s late November right now :P


This a lost cause haha,

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You may be right. I’ve just always liked the livery, and was surprised it hadn’t been previously requested.

Mmm good livery but I’m out of votws1

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I think this still has a chance of coming into the next update! You have my full support!

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Thanks for the support! I really hope it gets added!

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They have added the Callsign for Biman Bangladesh.

So that could be a hint/clue as to what we could expect. But no Speculations!

Either way, as a Bangladeshi myself, I support this request a lot. I’ve a couple of months ago made request for the 777 with Biman Livery. So I hope to see it being added in the future for either Aircraft :)


I actually would love this! We have no Biman liveries at the moment, and it would be really cool to have one so we can expand the diversity of airlines in the sim.

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Currently, Bangladesh is not represented by any airline in Infinite Flight. Their national flag carrier would be a good place to start.

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