Billed twice

I have been billed twice for a monthly subscription on the same date when I check my bank is there anyone I can get in contact with to get a refund please

I believe your bank should have blocked both transactions as it’s a duplicate transaction. Get in contact with @schyllberg for further assistance.

Do you use Android or iOS?

I use iOS .

Both of the transactions have gone through they haven’t been blocked

Okay. iTunes policy is that all app sales are final. Infinite Flight is not able to provide refunds, but you may be able to receive a refund by emailing iTunes customer service making your request. They were able to help me out as well when I had a similar issue with another app.

This is not the first incident I’ve heard related to iOS. They seem to have something funky going on…
@Alphadog4646 - did you reach out to Apple?

Wrong tag :/.

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No, correct tag. I had a PM with him going yesterday ;)

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When I reach out to apple they say that they are unable to refund the product

Have you tried talking to an actual person about this?

Apple are the ones charging you, we are not. And according to Apple’s own policies, you can not be charged twice for the same product on the same Apple-ID

But bob_bland is having the issue currently. I will discontinue this conversation and will talk to you in PM about this later on.

I will ring now and see what they say and feed this back to you thank you

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@schyllberg hey, no i didn’t contact apple, but i plan on it when i have free time. In the meantime i believe the OP could hit Report a problem on the receipt that is sent to their email and that will probably be helpful or the link that was provided for Apple support more recently in the thread


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