Give me suggestions for flights departing out of BIKF

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KDFW. Easy route. Icelandair or American 757

BIKF- wick in scotland. classic ferry flight route. or to Narsarsuaq if ur up for a challenge


You can check out Wikipedia

Maybe London, or Zurich?

You could do Glasgow (sorry if I spelled that wrong) or London (LHR)

I would recommend Boston or Copenhagen for Icelandair, if you wanna be realistic, as those were the main routes remaining in service during the pandemic

Maybe Dublin?

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London City in a A350?

Hey there!

As there are many airplanes that fly in and out of BIKF, especially so now with the 20.3 update, I would like to encourage you to take a look at the article listed below with a lot of routes that fly in and out of BIKF with the 757. If that’s not necessarily your cup of tea I think there will be lots of other articles of the same type that can give you some inspiration on your next flight.

Otherwise, you could always look on wikipedia for ideas as they tend to be rather accurate.

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BIKF-PANC can be good over the arctic ocean and north canada

Fly to Seattle, or even Anchorage. Icelandair fly from Keflavik (pre covid) in the summer seasons.
New York is very popular (all year around)

BIKF-KSEA the actual in game airplane did this
(Looked up the Reg and found old flights)

Sent the same time guys?! Lol

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Ok, thank you all! I’ll see each reply and define my route! Thanks!

KDEN Iceland air B757


This link will take you to all destinations KEF [BIKF] Serves.

Here you can find all the real routes from BIKF:

When I have a particular airport I want to fly to/from, what I do is search “trip report flight [airport/city]” into YouTube.
Then, it comes up with loads of flights, plus you can search in specific aircraft, airline, or destination.

But to answer your question, for BIKF, I’d have to recommend you fly to… you know what, where ever you want! Hey, the sky is the limit!

Oh, that web has aircraft filter!!