Biggest mistake all Infinite Flight users do on Expert Server

@Rohann thanks for sharing this man,
It sums up what i was explaining in an organized way!
Hopefully everyone benefits from this :)

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@FlyerCharm that’s partially correct, but you missed an important part. You are cleared for approach by ATC so you can be allowed to establish the localizer that’s why it says: “Turn right heading 270, decend and maintain 2500ft UNTIL ESTABLISHED ON THE LOCALIZER, cleared approach runway 30R”
So as long as you didn’t establish the localizer, your approach is not over yet, your approach phase ends once you establish the localizer not once you were cleared for approach by ATC…

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You shouldn’t have to call inbound. It’s part of a controller’s workload to know where their targets are, and when they are on a final and need a handoff to the tower.

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I’m afraid some of this I would change/say differently.

NC123 is 20 Nautical Miles to the North at 12,000ft Inbound for landing with information Alpha / Requesting Runway 15R

With this, you are not actually giving a good position report. When you say 20 miles to the north it could mean a Naviaid, airport, or a fix.

However, at the beginning, you also stated this was a response to the " Call inbound and request a specific/any runway instruction". If you are already talking to a controller, no altitude or position is required to request a runway (since you are already radar IDed on their scope). Here is what I would say to the following request.

“NC123, inbound, 8 mile final on the ILS runway 15R approach”
“NC123, we would like the ILS/GPS runway 15R approach” - if you already are talking to the controller.
“NC123, 20 miles north of the Imperial VOR, descending out of 10000 with information alpha, requesting the ILS runway 15R approach” - If you have not already talked to the controller.


@iroar101 Yeah yeah, def i agree with you, but i just gave a random position to say the example. I agree that the position isn’t accurate👍🏻👍🏻


This issue seems to come up a lot.

Maybe it would cause less problems if “Call Inbound on the ILS/Visual/GPS” was system blocked as a command when approach control is not active. If it’s not appropriate when only tower is active, why give it as an option?: - it only seems to distract pilots.

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@adit That’s a pretty smart solution! I think pilots will always mistale both so finding a solution like this would make a difference.

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Hey @danreyah please read this thread, it’s the reason why I told you to check the user guide for help using ATC instructions at KSFO…

Yeah it’s the most annoying trigger for me

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I agree that this is a common mistake, though I wouldn’t use CUG for this as it’s not really supposed to be used for small things and the point still gets through
A bigger problems (not more people, just more major) I’ve seen is people not calling inbound and instead just saying something like they are on final lol, I often give cugs for those people

Honestly something like this is more frustrating with approach since I have to use chat logs sometimes to figure out what they actually are lol


Why is calling “on final” rather than calling “inbound” to tower a bigger problem than calling “inbound on the ILS/Visual/GPS” when there’s no approach? I understand that they both have flaws, but are they not both still kind of identifying who you are, where you are, and roughly what you’re trying to do.

Is the difference in how it shows up on ATC’s screen?

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Honestly, not much difference. The issue is that doing that is a lot more major. If someone don’t know something as simple as calling inbound, it’s a good idea that they check the user guide, they often are making a lot of other mistakes that cause issues (such as stopping before the hold short line after landing). I also usually don’t give a cug if it’s too busy though but I do try giving a chance for them to actually call inbound by giving a say intentions (some people actually realize and call inbound!).

To be honest I don’t think cugs are very useful unless the controller reaches out to tell them what was wrong.

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Hahaha, i definetly i agree with you lol… aircrafts calling on final even though they’re still approaching hurts way more than calling inbound on ILS when there is no approach controller but what made me make this topic is because a lot of people make this call inbound mistake and don’t know that it’s wrong.

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This is actually very helpful! I had no idea there was a difference

Hey its good that you’re trying to help, but i just want to add a couple more of points:

  1. Calling on Inbound’ is used when you’re cleared for an approach (ILS/GPS/VIS) by a radar controller and transferred to tower(which generally happens when you are established on the cone, but not necessarily always (eg VIS and sometimes GPS)), sometimes it happens(especially during the VIS APPR and sometimes during the GPS Appr as well) that you are not established on final and are cleared and transferred to tower, but you’re still on lets say base, even in that case where you’re not established on the localiser, you still need to ’ call inbound’ rather than ‘request landing’.

  2. Same goes with the other scenario of ‘requesting landing’ if radar is not present, no matter the position of your plane in the pattern whether it is downwind, base or established on final you need to ‘request Landing’ rather than ‘call inbound’

So in summation these two situation/calls varies with the presence/absence of radar and should be used accordingly.

Hope this helps.

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Can not reiterate this enough. Just finished 5hrs at KLAX with no radar service and the vast majority of pilots called “inbound on the ILS XX runway”.

Please pilots, stop doing this.

Ngl, I didn’t even know the difference until you told me, I think this is something really nobody talks about. thank you sm for ur help 😂

Hmm that’s why @Rohann yesterday at egll was asking to see the user guide for help using ATC instructions, now I got it why. Thankyou very much

When there is no radar controller available i.e. no approach clearance is provided and pilot directly contacts tower, the “Inbound on ILS/GPS/Visual” buttons should be disabled.
What do you think?


It would make things easier for us pilots and air traffic controllers! Idk how and if it can be implemented :/