Biggest Disappointment Ever

yeah so literally was doing a flight today right. And it was KJFK - KLAX but backwards (a 23 hour flight flying over Russia) and I literally was entering the Los Angeles city limits and my game black screened, flashed, and then went to the main menu showing the Infinite Flight Logo. WHY? And why when I was 15 min out?

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Sounds like an app crash to me. During long flights I usually lower my graphics and aircraft count if I’m approaching a busy airport like KLAX. This is to relieve stress on my device so it doesn’t have a bigger potential in crashing. Luckily for you, all your flight stats from the point of the app crash are saved and are on your account.

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True, they are, but the app did not go to my Home Screen, just to the menu, I’ve done hundreds of long LONG haul flights before, and this has never happened, I always turn my graphics all the way down, and usually point my camera up just so I can do I time lapse later, my phone is also constantly plugged in and sitting under a fan

It’s possible your device overheated

No it did not, I have it under a fan constantly and the device is always cold, again I’ve never had an issue before

Can you please provide me with you device type and its specifications


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Is this your first time to fly long hauls on your mobile data?

No, in fact I almost never fly on wifi as my wifi is pretty bad, and I have never had an issue with my cell before.

I’m afraid it is going to be hard to tell exactly what happened. From what you said it sounded like the OS killed IF for resources… Or it could have been a fluke event. All of the replies are correct with things you can try. Unless it is happening on every flight and is recurring there is not much left to do.

  • Reboot your device before a flight
  • Make sure low power mode in IF is enabled
  • Ensure your graphics settings are approrpiate
  • Ensure background apps are paused (twitter, instagram, facebook, etc all take up processing power)
  • In extreme cases you are welcome to uninstall, reboot, reinstall to see if that helps. Note you will lose any replays not backed up.

Hope this helps.


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