Biggest Aircraft You have Piloted?

You flew the aircraft or flew in it?

Love the Trinidad

flew in it lol why would i pilot a A320 when i cant even make touch and goes

Piper PA-28. I’m so puny. 😂

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You need to read the topic. This is about the biggest plane you have piloted!

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We all start somewhere

then my answer is none lol i never piloted a airplane in irl

Cessna 210M, flew a pattern in Downtown Kansas City at KMKC.

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Nice would love to fly a 210

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This question depends on how you define “biggest”. If we’re going by weight, it’s a classic 172. If we’re going by wingspan or wing area, it’s a DG-1000.

Biggest in your terms. Whatever you think is the biggest as long as you have piloted it

Cessna 152 C-GBZB, one of the two aircraft I’ve flown in my one year of flight school

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A DA40 💀

I’m not a380 level yet

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A380 so far

Probably not piloted…

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It will be a DJI Mavic 2 Pro

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Folks may I remind you, any thing off topic or “spam” will be flagged. Please read the topic before posting. This is a real world aviation post!


Piper Seminole, although I’ve logged legal flight time in a full motion CRJ simulator, if it’s in my logbook that means it’s real, right?

Also, for all the people answering with Cessna:


You’ve piloted an A380 in real life?


Cessna 206

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