Biggest aircraft at Saba

What’s the biggest aircraft you landed successfully at Saba/TNCS??

Today I “landed” the A380 there

I think it was a “successful” landing


More like “crashed”…


I landing a 77W three and landing it completely normal ngl I just canning really slow

What do you mean? I guess you have not heard… This is a new type of landing and by landing upside down this creates more friction with the ground which helps to slow the aircraft faster! This mainly helps to reduce wear and tear on the brakes as well


If the plane is on the ground, and the pilots (and passengers) are alive, it’s a successful landing.

oehh next gen: reverse butter and landing

Not an official landing but nice pic all the same ;)

Every landing you can walk away from is a good landing…

jokes apart how exactly did you do that @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL lol

How are we supposed to use the Safety Slides exactly??

Wouldn’t call that a landing :(


Wrong airport

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I mean we stopped

@Swiss vibes

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