Biggest aircraft at airports for atc

Just thought of a suggestion, for atc schedules for expert, and on days for atc like Tuesday this week (which is Panamá and Central America which is very rarely featured and I’m happy about that) Tyler should say eg no aircraft bigger than 757, 737 etc allowed so that people don’t cause chaos with a350s and 777s like what happened on Monday at Tahiti, just an idea

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Tyler does say that from time to time on his schedules. The choice of the airports he uses is what limits some aircraft. GA days for example.


Fair enough. But as I was saying he maybe should say something like that because on Monday last weeek despite it was supposed to be ga everyone apparently at one time there were 4 787s and a a350 trying to depart at the same time

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I suspect that IFATC will issue 'aircraft too big for this airport" if necessary

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