Biggest advance of this century?

We have had the learning to use fire, to create ships for the ocean, arguably the best advance in technology in the last century has been in Aviation. Agreed?

Whats next? (Spaceships like Virgin Galactic maybe)


I would say that aviation is one of the many important advances of the century.
For me the biggest advance of the century was the containment of the Ebola, before it getting to infect more people.

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Aviation and space are by far advanced a great deal. We went from no developments to flying 600 people at a time across the globe and spying on the enemies (depending on who you are…) at close to Mach 3 tens of thousands of feet in the air…

I won’t get into space because that’s been taught to us sincewe were children, though the depth of knowledge might vary. I have a somewhat deep understanding but not as much as some folks nowadays in school :/


The advances of modern medicine are also incredible. A century is a long time though so there have been large advances in many fields.

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