Bigger text


How do you make the text bigger in topics. Thanks:)


You do this:
like this!


Like This

** Then at the end put **Or this


You put a hashtag then a space bar before the text you wish to make larger. Hope this helps.

# Hi, have a great day

Hi have a great day




But please refrain from making topics which have already been covered, this may be closed down very soon if to be seen already made. Just t make you aware. Try search for the topic before posting just to make sure!

Thanks Ben!




@InfiniteAviation06, As a refference just use this link! It gives lots of info on the forum.


Lets try

  • One has 1 hashtag

  • Two has 2 hashtags

  • Three has 3 hashtags





Like This:


Just hashtag Infront.

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Looks like we figured it out. 🙂