Bigger/ More Regions

I know that a lot of people have talked about it, but I just want to bring it up again.
I’m going to say it, I know almost everybody else has said this, but please make bigger regions, or allow people to travel in between regions. Cross-country flights, and international flights across the Atlantic, and Pacific oceans would be great! Also, please add a Boston region that covers all of New England. I live in Mass. and it would be great if there was a region that covers all of Mass, RI, Conn., VT, New Hampshire, Maine, and up-state NY would be nice to!

This has been suggested lots of times please search before posting

I know, thats why I said, many times, “Lots of people have said this before”

If it has been asked it mentioned before just bring it back to the top by commenting on it instead of creating another topic

Oh, ok, sry

No problem I’ve done it lots before just try searching before posting

Ok, thanks!

Even though its a duplicate, I moved it to features.

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Duplicate. Please search before posting. Thanks!