Bigger Interface Buttons

Hello everyone,

Since the Dash update, the buttons on the right (HDG, Speed, …) of the screen have become smaller. Is it a bug or it’s the choice of the developers?


They intended to make them smaller i believe but not that small as it appeared on some devices so they dropped a fix…some hours later after the update

Maybe they made them smaller so they can fit more buttons there in the future.

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They made them smaller as @Tecnam2TA said its most likely to create space for other buttons and to create a cleaner look but I preferred the old style so unless there are new buttons I don’t see any point in it


I really really hope that they are going to make them bigger (or like before) in the next update.
(Sorry for my late answer).

Why do so many of you see it as an issue? Is that an android thing? The buttons are sleeker and look crisp on my apple devices, I think it was a good choice.

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Not in iPads :)


Yeah, on a smartphone it’s okay, since the size of the screen is smaller then the screen of an iPad ;)

I support this, it is currently WAY to small. My eyes are young but I have a hard time reading it after a while.

I hope that the new update made them bigger!

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They did change the size of some stuff…

I hope that the HUD buttons are part of thoses stuff!

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