Bigger buttons issue

After the upgrade the buttons are now bigger and hide my altitudee/vs .

Is there a way to make them small. I am on Galaxy S20 mobile

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Hey there!

At this time, the only way to make Infinite Flight’s user interface scale smaller is to change your device’s display zoom (Settings → Display → Screen zoom). After you’ve changed the screen zoom, you’ll need to relaunch IF. Note that this changes the screen zoom of your whole device, not just Infinite Flight.

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Thank you @AviatorAlex

Same issue here :(

and how does it work on iOS? I changed it, unfortunately it remains the same as it is now! I want it to be damn smaller and have 9 lines on it 🤬

Unfortunately, there is no way to make the UI smaller than it is with your display zoom set to the lowest possible in the device’s settings.

I think this is completely unnecessary on your part! SOMETHING about UNNECESSARY…UNNECESSARY! From my point of view, the bottom line is so annoying, as if they need more attention than flying.



Is there a way to reverse this or do a new update like the previous one one day? This bottom line is simply too big for the iPad.

To start with, don’t go raging on someone who can’t do something about it. Alex is just trying to help as a Community user, so drop the aggressive attitude immediately please.

This change is part of something much larger than 2 less items in the status bar. The size of it haven’t changed unless you’re using something else than the default zoom level of your iOS device. This change allows the app to adapt to different screen sizes without the users having to wait for an update from us or similar.

There will most likely be improvements to this, but for now it’ll be like this.


Is there a plan to implement a fix for this situation? Im purposely using the word “fix”, as i do believe this to be a small/medium issue.

I have the same issue as @EGhossein , also on a mainline Samsung mobile device, and i think you as well could agree the buttons and text are indeed too big, to the point where this could look like a UI bug to an uninformed user. As you can see even to those of us who are informed this looks like a bug. Further reinforced by all of the out of whack proportions, button sizes, FPL screen, text fitting in boxes, performance numbers overlapping with Gear, N1 almost being off of the screen, hell, even the FPV is slightly oversized compared to before.

Just to clarify, im not mentioning this in any negative tone, im just dumbfounded by this UI situation, and curious as to how/why it was left to ship to users in this state. I know you guys as a studio pay attention to details so i doubt its a lack of QA, but it sure looks like it



No worries :)
Did below not work or what’s the situation?


reducing zoom on GS20 did the trick


Just for future reference:

What zoom level did you have before and what are you using now when it’s good? :)

[quote=“schyllberg, post:10, topic:834524”]
This change is part of something much larger than 2 less items in the status bar. The size of it haven’t changed unless you’re using something else than the default zoom level of your iOS device.

Hii there, is this also something like a personal setting or are there just 2 items removed with the update?

It’s 2 items removed.

Before, the status bar had a number of objects based on the screen size told the app your device had.
Now it’s doing it’s own thing and the status bar is “standardized”.

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Clear. Thanks for the quick response!

I’m personally in favor of the “more the merrier” approach here and loved having more items since I’m a statistics nerd and love be able to view as much data as humanly possible.

However, sometimes you have to choose your battles ;)


Here is the zoom setting that works for me

Previously it was in middle


agree, I also would have liked to still have more items but it is what it is! You all are doing a great job with every update again :)

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Hi! I was flying at the time i typed the comment so i couldnt try the fix. I have tried it and everything is pretty much as it was before. Zoom setting used was the same as EGhossein both before and after.
I do though still think you guys could consider adding a setting to change UI scale within the app itself, it would let anyone customise their app in the way that suits them most.

Tnx for the help to you and of course to @AviatorAlex