Bigger/brighter Wingtip rear facing lights

Hey guys,
I was wondering if a little tweak of the aircraft lights would make an improvement.
In real life, one can see them wingtip lights from like miles away. In IF they are barely noticeable. The light texture needs to be bigger in size. Same goes for the B737 model.

In comparison to the real McCoy:


Very needed!

That sure would be very nice! You can vote for it and continue the discussion in these threads:


That post is for strobe and beacon. This one is for nav lights ;)

Hey there!

This would belong in #features, in order to post in that topic you must be TL2. But, your TL1 currently.

The photos in the original post are strobes, not nav lights. (note: only applicable to certain aircraft)

Either way, Luca was nice enough to link both. Marco, feel free to vote and comment there, thanks!

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