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Hello, IFC!

I am once again making an ATC Tracking Thread to try and join the IFATC team. Ever since the last one, I’ve become bored and lost my desire to join IFATC. After witnessing quite a few times where I would consider “a little disappointing,” I’ve decided to once again resume my IFATC journey.


Ever since my last ATC tracking thread was closed due to inactivity because of my boredom, I have noticed quite a few things from IFATC then and now. This comes especially with the number of times Norman Y Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC/KSJC) was opened. I have noticed that even though the airport would be featured in the IFATC schedules, it would rarely be opened due to the fact that there are other popular airports that are opened on the same day. I would do everything I can to spread the word about SJC and there are times where it has worked. I wanted SJC to be opened at all times on expert when it is featured in the IFATC schedule. So this led me to think, “If I really wanted SJC open at all times, why not do it myself and contribute to that?” And thus, my quest for IFATC has returned.

I am training to become ground and tower. Pattern work is allowed and any IFATC feedback is appreciated! :D

NOTAM: Please do not fool around and follow all ATC instructions. Do not infringe on other traffic and be respectful of others.

Status: Closed
Server: Training

Feel free to leave some feedback below.


Just flew out @DETLA 812
Great work got me out right away with the added ground instruction👍🏽Yessir
Just wish you had a lil move traffic🤣
Ill be back flying to John wayne n going to have a turn around.

I’m in the air, I land in 30 min and I see you there! I still wait this in frequency 😉

Thanks for coming! :D

I had to get you to taxi realistically at SJC XD

Hopefully, I remain open once you return!

Congratulations on your new thread berto!

Are you open?

As of right now, yes

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How long will you be staying open? May come by in about an hour or so, seems like your really into it and would love to help out!!!

Hello there. N922BW here. A couple of things I noticed:

-you don’t need to give a pattern entry when remaining in the pattern. You cleared me to take off 30L make left traffic. I would already be on left downwind, so you wouldn’t need to give me the pattern entry instruction.

-when you clear to land, unless you’re switching me to another runway, you don’t need to say make left traffic. I’ll continue to make left traffic until told otherwise.

-try to clear a little earlier. Usually on the crosswind or right as the pilot enters downwind.

-lastly, when I called on final full stop, no need to clear again. I was just letting you know I intended to stop so you could plan to instruction me to exit the runway (or do a gnarly donut like I did 🙃)

Keep it up! Looking forward to coming to more of your sessions!

Ok, thanks for the feedback! I’ll use your advice for next time! 😃

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KSJC is now closed. Thanks to everyone for coming! :D


Hey, IFC!

I am open again at KSJC on training! Come by for some patterns. Feedback is appreciated.

Hey there, I was G-RY4N,

Some feedback when I was flying patterns.

• You cleared me for the option really late, It should usually be on the downwind leg you Clear.

• When I first asked for a Runway change you said unable, Which indicated that you didn’t know how to do it. Thankfully, You got there in the end.

• When you gave me Progressive taxi instructions, They were a bit all over the place.

I will try and make your next session.

I can’t fly with a A318 lol

Yeah, I was paying attention to the other TBM as well so by the time I got back to you, you were already on base.

I said unable because irl, Runway 12R is used for landings so I wanted to keep everything realistic. When you asked again the second time, I just decided to let you land 12L.

Yeah I tried to get you to taxi from Taxiway Z to Taxiway Y while still heading toward the 12L threshold.

Thanks for the feedback :D

KSJC is now closed. Thanks to everyone for coming! :D

KSJC is once again open! Come stop by for some patterns and give me feedback for IFATC! :D

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KSJC is now closed. Thanks to all who came! 😃

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