BigBert10's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @

Hey IFC,

Welcome to a non-popular 14-year-old boy’s ATC tracking thread.

I am considering joining IFATC even though I would want to become a pilot in real life.

I am training to become ground and tower, so come on over and feel free to give me feedback.

NOTAM: Please do not fool around.

Server: Training

Feel free to leave some feedback below.


Pattern work is the best way to get more ops, and experience. I’d recommend allowing it.


I’ll take your advice.


Are you still open? If so I’ll stop by.

EDIT: I’ll take that as a yes. :)

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Sorry for the late response, I am still open. I was multi-tasking when you sent that message XD

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Two things:

  1. When I announce my position, it’s because you haven’t cleared me. That’s why I had to go around.

  2. When did clear me, you said “cleared for the option, after the option make left traffic.” When I was telling you my position, I kept saying full stop, so why are you telling me to make left traffic?

Other than that is was good. You were quick and responded to most of the commands that were sent.

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Thanks, this is my first time serving ATC with advice.

Btw, for each advice you gave me, what was I supposed to say instead?


@BigBert10 when he says full stop, it means he will not be doing a touch and go, but instead wants to land

So instead of “cleared for the option runway …, make left traffic” you should say “cleared to land runway …” as he is doing a full stop landing

Also, when people are announcing their positions, you haven’t cleared them yet, so just clear them for the option/landing depending on what they want


Here’s some feedback;

  • My callsign was RBB, and I was in a cessna caravan. I requested to taxi to an active runway rather than request push-back because a cessna caravan doesn’t have a push-back feature. You gave me permission to push-back, even though I didn’t request that.

  • When I was on downwind, I continued to keep on going down and I wasn’t given any instructions. E.g You could’ve cleared me for the option, told me to follow the aircraft ahead (sequencing).

  • I had to turn base and final on my own (without permission) because I wasn’t give those instructions and I would’ve kept on going out of the airspace if I didn’t

  • I send little reminders each time to clear me for the option, but you just said ‘roger’. I was forced to land without permission (maybe I could’ve gone around but that’s not the point).

  • If you do decide to become an IFATC, in the practical test some aircraft request a runway change to test your ability to sequence and clear with aircraft on either pattern (left and right). I requested a runway change and you replied with ‘unable’. Wasn’t a biggie but is important for the practical test. :)

  • Finally when I was on final to land, I needed to report position and request a runway change to get your attention to give me a landing clearance.

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How does one reply to one switching runways?

Thanks for the advice. :)

Glad your asked. :)

When someone requests a runway change you give a pattern instruction with it.

Transavia 928 requesting runway change to 14R
Transavia 928, enter Left/Right downwind runway 14R

Note: It doesn’t have to be left or right downwind, it can also be l/r base, crosswind etc.

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You requested a runway change on final. How do I respond to that? Do I give you a patter sequence as well?

Thanks. I had to run a quick errand.


If the change is on final then just clear to land/option on the other runway :)


What about in high traffic…like if I was controlling during a FNF?

In super, ridiculous traffic like in FNF. I probably wouldn’t give runway changes due to the shear amount of aircraft in the airspace.


yeah then you can use unable
but if there are one or two planes inbound just clear them for the runway they want

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Thanks guys

Also, is there anyway I can see how long I have controlled for?

I heard that Class Bravos, IFATC controls for 1 hr and Class Charlie, Delta or below is 30-45 min

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I dont think so, maybe just stare at the clock when you begin or finish. :)

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It says on the people flying to your airport how long youve been open in their atc box but I don’t think it says on the controllers.

What I usually do to tell is go onto my thread and see when I posted I was open, and thats how long ive been open for

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