Big trip Cessna France/USA from Nice

Hello all!
My name is Vincent and during that global crise of COVID-19 I decided to leave Nice to join Palm Spring USA with the little 172. actually this is the list of my flights since the departure.
Nice (France), Ajaccio (France), Sousse (Tunisia),Luqa (Malta), Elefsis (Greece), Bucarest (Roumania) and this morning I going to Sebastopol.
Ok if somebody is interested by help me to find the best secure way to Palm Spring USA I will be very interested if others want to join me in flight they are welcome! Please only Cessna 172 play the game ;-)

Hey Vincent!

That’s a nice idea. Why don’t you create a group flight in #live:groupflights for this? It’s the best way of organizing a little flight with others who might want to join.

Have a look at the topic below to find out more on how to create your first group flight here on the IFC!