Big Thanks to FedEx

While plane spotting at KRSW today, I noticed an aircraft different from the standard B757-200F that is usually parked at the FedEx ramp. The distinctive shape immediately gave it away as an A310-200F. I decided to ask for permission to photograph the plane from their property while staying safely behind the security fence. To my surprise, I was escorted onto the FedEx ramp, and allowed to take several close-up photographs of the aircraft! The FedEx representative told me that there are only a few A310s left in the fleet, so I was lucky to see one here. Thanks, FedEx, for making this avgeek’s day! (The photos are mine.)


These guys were really nice!


Wow! This guys who allowed you are awesome, you got lucky! Nice pics mate.

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Looks like it was a lot of fun! Wish I could have been there with you… 😂

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That was very nice of them. Excellent photos!

great shots! amazing that they let you that close to the aircraft.

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That’s cool that they let you do that.


I have always thought that the A310/A300 looks very classy. Simple but good-looking.


That’s awesome! What is the major difference between the A310 and A300?

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A310 is shorter. Wikipedia is always your friend anyways :)

The A310 has the same cross-section as the A300, but with a shortened fuselage and redesigned wing and undercarriage. The A330 replaced the A310, and shares its fuselage cross-section and several other design elements.

Its size and capacity and what @W4RRI0R said, max payload of the A310 is 80000 lbs compared to the A300 which is 105000 lbs. And most of the A310s are fitted with wingtips. I usually see this aircraft once or twice a week here at MIA.

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They look like a nice peace of machinery!

My dad flies for FedEx and he flies the 757-200F, it really is a great company! so nice of them letting you take pictures!


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