Big Storm In New Zealand tomorrow

Update : there is another big storm coming

Just letting everyone know there is a big storm again hitting New Zealand bringing predicted gusts up to 60 knots at NZAA.

Predicted wind gusts tomorrow just before it is predicted to hit nz (storm is tracking east) winds stronger when it hits.

On another note hope everyone else from New Zealand stays safe especially @KiwisFlying @Air_New_Zealand08 you guys are in main path of storm.


Ah, this brings back memories of flying in Irma pre-global, flying around South Florida watching Laura down in the keys while I was stuck in the boundaries. Will be sure to fly in New Zealand tomorrow!


Should be great for patterns, that is alot of XP that you could make. Thank you for sharing Matthew!



Wowza! Good luck to anyone flying there!

Looks like we know what we’ll be doing tomorrow evening. 😂


I’ll join you guys! 😂😂😂

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same here im not gonna miss out on XP opportunities

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Sounds fun. I think I’ll go ahead and fly around in circles to see how fats I can get 😂. “Can’t wait” for what this years Atlantic Hurricane season will bring 🙄

Also, it’s classified as a tropical storm 😊👍


Sucks to be there IRL but this is great for IF!

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Im going to do some flights there tomorrow

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So we’ve got some updated information on the storm

So it’s been classified as a tropical storm, but has the wind speed of a Cat 1 Hurricane. Air New Zealand has canceled flights out of Wellington for tomorrow. Multiple Severe weather warnings are in place, and mandatory evacuations are already in progress in low lying areas on the West coast of the south island.

Yes im a weather geek, yes i enjoy this.


Oooooo looks like I’ll be showing up in a super dec at Wellington tomorrow 😂

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I’d be there too. I’m pretty much hooked on tight patterns now. Back to Wellington it is.
(If my iPad gets fixed…)

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Let’s hope our NZ residents stay away and also don’t get harmed, other than that, I will be making plans for some patterns tomorrow…

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So pretty much anyone who is anyone (and plays IF) if occupied tomrow?


Dispite being an Ex Hurricane, it’s been upgraded from a TC to a Cat 1 Hurricane. After a short time i’ts epcected to be downgraded again

I’m a WX geek too 😂

Glad i’m not alone in the WX feild on IFC

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Before law, meteorology was my passion :P