Big screen appearance after software update

Samsung galaxy J5 (older version) model: SM-J500FN
Android 6.01
I uninstalled the app before doing the update to prevent any data loss or corruption
After the update i reinstalled IF and after a week or two of a break from IF i turned it on and saw the huge screen and buttons. I uninstalled the app and after not having enough memory to reinstall i found myself reinstalling yesterday night. I restarted my device, reinstaled the app two kr three times and also checked if storing the app on a memory card had anything to do with the problem. No solution.
Please reply as soon as you can bc i really want to get back into playing it
PS i do not have a cracked version i bought off play store, and am using the latest update

Hi there! This is a known issue. You should have a look at Tyler’s explanation below, it could help you understand. :)