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My BIG question is if we are going to have a new update in which the airport ground textures will be replaced by new ones or more realistic ones, because the addition of 3D buildings will really make the airport ground look really unrealistic, are we going to have new textures for example texts, red lines, arrows, green areas on taxiways like it is on KLAX or KSFO? (Basically everything that the AET can’t do)??


Non of this has yet to be confirmed or denied at this time! Keep an eye out on the development timeline and all social media outlets to keep up to date on all update information. You can also see everything confirmed for V21.1 below


Most likely not, as the underlying apt.dat files behind the airports currently don’t currently have this information and probably won’t have, as, according to the file standard of x-plane .dat files, there is no way to do, for example, red or green markings, and it’s highly unlikely infinite flight would do it’s own version of X-Plane’s Wed (currently used by Airport editors) just to have them. They theoretically can have markings though, as the specification allows for it, but I haven’t ever seen them in airport files


So If I wanted to become a IFAET I would be able to add them. If so I wouldn’t join and add them becuase it adds that extra realism

You should speak to an IFAET supervisor about it. If I recall correctly they include lights, but I don’t remember seeing codes for ground markings. Might be wrong though, if you really need it I can tune my parser to find those codes in the repo, but I, again, doubt they are allowed.

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I read the guide about those things exactly but they don’t say why it can’t be added, or maybe is the program itself that doesn’t have other textures IDK 🤷🏻‍♂️

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