Big problem during this fnf

Hello, sorry to shout little cry but, I wanted to solve a little problem indeed, more than 5 planes while telling me waited waited and waited. I would like to criticize the professionalism of this people since several people from North Cdg have stolen while traveling from Paris to Southern Cdg nothing. Still sorry for this rant and thank you for your reading

Hello, could you please explain exactly what the issue is? I’m having trouble understanding.


Do you mean they skipped ahead of you ?


Sorry my English is very bad so euuh how explains…

I land in Cdg during the FNF and I wait more than 30minutes same more and many other airplanes have same problem (in cdg south). Contrary to cdg north the traffic can taxing can push and me no so I was forced to leave before being on my gate.

What was your call sign? That’s unfortunate, the traffic density was high though so these things can happen. I will try and see the issue but I think it was connection problems on the controllers side, once again I apologise for the issues.

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Yeah in cdg south It was as if we were a ghost yeah a ghost, ghost is good wort to qualify this situation

No problem the problem is not that the problem is all traffic land in Cdg south all traffic can taxing contrary to me and other plane in cdg south…
My callsign was eurowings 7406