Big Planes On Short Flights In Europe

Does anyone know a flight in Europe where a big plane flies???
Because I am looking for a flight with a big plane. I have flown a 789 from Lan Chile from frankfurt to madrid.

I think Iberia uses the A340 and A350 on flights to London


yes i know but that is inposible for me becouse i live in the netherlands and than i have to go to madrid and that is expensive.

TAP flies their a330s regularly to Wien, sometimes to Heathrow and Zurich, as well as Orly

I see, i have seen BAW using their 767 on routes between AMS and Heathrow but i think thats very rare


yes i know i have flown this on 16 august the airplane was very empty

Korean Air Cargo flies CDG-LHR with a 777-200F

BA flies their 767s on a lot of short haul routes in Europe, Iberia takes their A350 to Madrid, Finnair flies the A350 between Helsinki and Heathrow.


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