Big plane here?!

Ummm hi guys

I was in IKEA when I saw the plane.

Random Ryanair landing from wherever the hell it came from

The same Ryanair from a different angle.

Little DA42 taking off

A LOT E175 from Warsaw

The big boy himself

A wizzair a320 (ngl i think its from Eindhoven)

These photos are over a month old idk why I uploaded them now

Also what camera should I buy for spotting (budget 500-700 euros)

Camera: Nokia 3310 1990 version

EYVI is the spotting airport

Should I go nigthtime spotting sometime ⁉️

Not worth it, wait for winter to settle

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from @AndrewWu It’s an awesome guide


Lol, love the sense of humour with the Ryanair one 😂

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