Big pit nearby Salt Lake City

Really weird, in the middle of water…

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@schyllberg is your man

Its probaly just a glitch and will probaly get fixed in another scenery update

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Weird, it a glitch. It happen all of time.

Could you possibly screenshot your map to to give us a better idea of the location? I was born in SLC and that lake is decent sized.


Was just what I was going to say. I want to check this thing out.

could not distinguish if it is real or the simulator hahaha😁

I will go there to explore it! 😀 I hope to find there some gold maybe 🤷🏻‍♀️


Are we just looking at a very poorly rendered Kennecot


Brandon, Rio Tinto is prettier than that though.

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Where exactly is this?

Can you provide us a Waypoint that’s close to this? An airport is nice too.

I may spawn in myself to see if it’s the same 4 me
I really like SLC and will have my hub there soon for DLVA

SLC, I don’t know the exact location

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Hopefully FDS makes another amazing scenery update Like they always do will fix this. 👍

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