Big Metal Bird Explains Turbulence

The United series Big Metal Bird shows some of the information the crew on the plane and at the airports have to do.

This one United shows the different types of turbulence and this is for people who don’t know all of them.


I saw this, I think the big metal bird series is actually quite good

I actually enjoyed watching that! 😄 #ReasonsWhyUnitedisNumberOne


same Liked it too.

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Wow, thanks United! This is great! We must show it to those pesky passengers, always whining and complaining about rough air! (I’m not being sarcastic, I really like this show now!)

Yeah since I subbed to them I saw most of there Big Metal Bird series

Really I just watched them all and I think this was the best.

Yet you have JetBlue as your profile pic 😑 and the video is interesting :)

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I guess I was in severe turbulence before.

But look at my bio. ;)

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