Big lag with B772-ER

Hello to the whole community. First I would like to say thank you to the developers of this application. In fact I have a big problem with the B772-ER !!! I just tested it but can’t play it properly. There is a very big bug. I haven’t try the B737 and I guess it will be the same problem with the latter. Please the staff, please correct this. And in the future please rework the cockpits of the wonderful B787s. These are great planes and they deserve to be reworked thank you in advance and thank you for responding to me as soon as possible.

Cordially, Simon Josue.

What do you mean by you can’t play it properly? What’s the issue?

I mean, that with the B772-ER impossible to play properly. @TheAviationGallery

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Can you elaborate more on the sort of issue you’re having which is causing the 777 to be unplayable?

Of course. When done after loading the flight, the bug appears (including all angle views). @TimShan05

Can you describe what the bug is?

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The globe also bug. Unable to navigate properly. And yet I play on Samsung Galaxy S9. When I put the quality graphics on low the bug will not go away !!! So I conclude that the problem is with the B772.

This plane has been tested by more than 100 people for multiple months. If there’s a big bug, which we haven’t found, please help us find it. :)
Mention how to reproduce the bug and your device information.

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Am I the only one who has this problem ??? 😳🤦‍♂️

I quickly make a very small video for good understanding

I can’t send the video. So I don’t know how to send you the video.

Upload it to YouTube as a linked video

Ok good idea thank. I will make it !!!

What’s your device ?

@Ifdubai Samsung Galaxy S9

I really would like to help as I tested this Aircraft a lot over weeks, but for some Reason I don’t get what Bug you mean… can you explain what Issue you face?

Hello, can you provide these details please?

  • What the bug is
  • How to reproduce the bug
  • Device Specs
  • A picture/video of the bug

I really don’t know how to make you understand my problem. Just remember that with the new 772 the game runs very slowly. @Leah

Sorry, are you just saying the B772 runs slow on your device? is that the “big bug” you are talking about?

If game run slowly then that’s normal , depends on your device.

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