Big Hub, Big Planes, Small Ride!

Well, I haven’t made a screenshot topic in a hot minute….For my first in awhile, I decided to post about 2 recent flights I did to kick off 22.1. I’m sure everyone has seen how busy ATL has been since it got the 3D treatment, and it’s been a ton of fun flying in and out! For 2 recent flights, I did flights flown by the CRJ-200 and CRJ-700, both based off real life flights. While I do love flying widebodies, I also love flying small planes into big hubs and looking at my plane next to the much bigger ones! For the first route, I did a CRJ-200 route that Delta/Endeavor flies in real life:

Flight 1 Deets

Departure Airport : Golden Triangle Regional (KGTR)

Arrival Airport : Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Int’l (KATL)

Flight time : 1 hour & 4 minutes (usually shorter but had to go around on approach)

Aircraft : CRJ-200, Delta Connection

Callsign : EDV 5135

Server : Expert

Landing the CRJ-200 as a 757-200 gets ready to turn on the runway. ATL provides plenty of opportunities for parallel takeoffs/landings! (757 flown by @PR-Gamer)

757s may be a lot bigger than a CRJ, but no matter the size, you gotta wait to cross the runway!

Now on to the 2nd flight. For this one I flew a CRJ-700 from North Eleuthera in the Bahamas. This is a really cool route and 1 of 2 that Delta flies between Atlanta and the Bahamas with CRJs (the other being George Town/Exuma, these are fun route ideas!)

Flight 2 Deets

Departure Airport : North Eleuthera (MYEH)

Arrival Airport : Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Int’l (KATL)

Flight time : 1 hour & 49 minutes

Aircraft : CRJ-700, Delta Connection

Callsign : EDV 5121

Server : Expert

Banking out of North Eleuthera. That water color is 💯

Flying over Daytona Beach with KDAB, another airport that just joined the 3D club! hey I can see my apartment from here!

Landing the CRJ in the back while a pair of 767-300s get ready to go! (Closer 767 flown by @Charlie_Lin)

Lots of Delta! NEO, CRJ, 767, and more at the gates!

You never really appreciate the size of the Queen until you’re the small plane near it! (747 flown by @Mclovin24)

Let’s end this topic with a sunset pic at the gate with the tower in the back. ATL really shines now that it’s got its buildings!

ATL has been a ton of fun with how busy it is, on top of the new features like animated jet bridges and stand guidance! Thanks for following along!


Nice shots there! I thought the AAL 757 in the last photo was a A220😂

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