Big Hole in Rapid City, South Dakota

Is that runway inside the hole (seeing though the ground?)

oh damn, imma check this out later

SD77 is the airport.

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What is the four digit ICAO of this airport? I imagine it’s the thing to do with auto gen airports imported from x-plane. When you send the ICAO of the airport over I’ll get a supervisor to fix it in IFAET


I don’t see any rather large holes on Google Maps, so I believe it’s just a terrain glitch.

Hi! This is SD77 and it does have an elevation issue. I noticed this while controlling at KRAP a few weeks back, and I pointed it out to @brennanhackard, an IFAET Supervisor, who fixed it. In the February Airport & Navigation update, the elevation should be correct.


I want to fly into it lol


Try to have an event landing challenge lol

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Hmmm. So I went to investigate the issue.

Peep @Aviation108 in the background


Trying to land here has consumed me. I will not stop till it is done


What’s at the bottom? Lol

I almost want it to be kept there - forget Lukla this is an actual challenge

The runway

The answer is, if you find out 👀

Ive gotten so closeeeeee. Ive just flipped over

Oh there’s a runway lmao

Haha, BalloonChaser lured me into getting a violation here a few months ago for “aerobatics”. But yea, this is a rather unusual hole.

Why am I seeing a F22 and a C130 inside a hole inside the earth? lol I can’t rn

Guys the new top airport on the expert server list SD77 lol (60498496 aircraft arriving there)

Well that was Rapid…