Big glitch with CRJ-200

hello evryone, a few minutes ago, I wanted to start a flight at KJFK with a CRJ-200, and the second I spawned in, the aircraft started jumping around and then crashed while I wasn’t doing anything and I got a violation. What can I do?

What was the weather like? Sometimes a simple restart of the app should fix it.
I have only seen this at small airports… interesting

I just restarted the app and it then worked fine again. But I would like to know how that happened.

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Was your violation caused by acrobatics over the airport?

Yes it was, and I got one violation ):

Well, I hope a moderator can help repeal that for you!

It happens to me sometimes when your RAM is full of use or you lost connection when you spawn in, the plane is going to the ground. The best way is spawn out immediately and restart the app.

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