Big flaw in the cockpit

I was reading through the forums and noticed someone talking about the screen sin the 757 cockpits. They’re totally mirrored wrong and it seems like a super quick fix. On the co-pilot’s side it should be nav first hud second. But it’s copied to be the same as the pilot’s side so it hud the first nav second. I did some checking and I can’t find a way where airlines reverse them so I think it’s wrong? Really hate to be a downer but I feel like we need to bring up the issues before they end this dev cycle. I know the release was sort of messy with the servers going down but let’s get this fixed!!

Yep the devs are aware and it’s logged internally. Hopefully it’ll be fixed in the near future.

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also, peep if the devs are here the aer lingus livery is broken near the horizontal stabilizers and the cabo verde livery is wrong :)) the physics on this plane are gorgeous tho and props for the new liveries!

The Aer Lingus issue has been addressed in another topic