BIG DLVA and AAVA event Screenshots!

Hey guys! These screenshots are from the massive event that DLVA and AAVA did last night. From my part I was on the AAVA side! Although there were many more DLVA pilots it was still a very good turn out for AAVA. Now let’s get to the photos!!!

Server: Expert
Time: 1.01
Plane/Livery: DLVA A321/AAVA A320

Smooth and windy departure from Detroit Metro
Climbing past the gorgeous full moon
Reaching T.O.C while flying away from the sunset
About to begin descent as we approach DCA
Washington Dulles International Airport from 9,000 ft
Gear down as we turn on final from the river visual
And a nice butter to end the night and my first visual approach

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Which was your favorite???


WOW!! Very cool! Love the pics, great work! Hope you enjoyed the event, I sadly couldn’t join.

Thanks! It was very fun wish ya could’ve joined 😊

Stunning photos, really well done!

Wow its nice to see people properly laning into dca and not flying over washington DC, overall great pictures and i would lov to see more!

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Thanks mate means a lot

Thanks you! I LOVE realistic procedures 💯

I saw you on liveflight, a huge trail of planes! Fantastic pictures!
See you in the skies!
Cign :D

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Thanks mate. ‘Twas a lot of planes 😉 see ya flying the skies

Great shots and great event. here’s what things looked like. Some still departing DTW while some were landing at DCA


Absolutely mad!

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You might want to work on your centerline on takeoff, but nice pictures 👍

We had a solid 20 kt crosswind so I was blowing all over the place in a light A320

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I know! I was taking off when our events manager was descending!

Was a very big show out and event! I loved it

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I think I saw you land, I was a United A319 holding short.

Nice photos! It was a blast to attend :)

You prolly had a long takeoff wait 😂😅

Thanks 😊 it was one of my favorite events so far!!!

Well I was raging, And as soon as I got cleared I did a Running takeoff with TOGA Thrust

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Ye if you had never been cleared you would’ve been there for an hour. It took me 50 minutes just to pushback from DTW 😐

I took off after the first plane landed at DCA. At first I was cleared and then told to hold position. But I was already in the runway so I had to move into the penalty box 😂 Great photos by the way!

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Good lord, I waited a good 15 minutes to takeoff

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