Big day for the Army Aviation Community

The decision to buy tilt rotor aircraft is on everyone’s mind at this time. The US Army held a meeting, where thousands of contractors/vendors showed up. While the event was huge and heavily attended, with hundreds of suppliers participating. it wasn’t hard to figure out who had the biggest exhibit. It was Textron, owner of Bell Helicopter, which brought a full-scale model of the V280 tiltrotor to the event.

(Photo creds: Textron)

While Textron isn’t ranked among the Pentagon’s top contractors, but it sees an opportunity in the near future to reach a breakthrough deal with the Army comparable to when it sold thousands of UH-1 ‘Hueys” during the Vietnam War. The Army is seeking to replace all of its current rotorcraft with next-generation aircraft under a joint program called Future Vertical Lift, and Textron thinks its unique tiltrotor technology is what the Army needs.

For those who follow Military aviation, what are your thoughts?


Maybe instead of rotors they should try putting jet engines that tilt on the wings. 🤔 That would be pretty cool.

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But the real question here is:

Which will be more reliable?

  • V-22 Osprey
  • Textron

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That’s a great question! Reason why I cannot vote on it yet is we have yet to see the V280 operate under military operations. So far the testing has been good unlike the first steps of the Ospreys

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