Big Changes Coming: Get Ready for the New Forum Design

Hello Everyone!

We have an exciting update for our Community coming Soon™. As you may be aware, our platform is powered by Discourse (

Recently, Discourse introduced a new design for their platform, which has been adopted by numerous communities. At the time, we decided to opt-out of this update. However, with the latest platform updates, our current design is now considered “Legacy” and will eventually be phased out for those who regularly update their platforms. Some changes have already been implemented on the mobile version, and more updates are on the way, particularly for those browsing the IFC on their computers.

It’s almost time for us to fully embrace this new design, and we wanted to give you a heads-up before making the switch.

Below, you’ll find a screenshot of Discourse’s own community, showcasing the new look. Feel free to visit their website and explore for yourself:


While we haven’t finalized an exact date for this transition, rest assured it will happen Soon™, as we’ve already experienced a few issues due to our reliance on the legacy design.

New stuff?

As for modifications, additions, or removals of current features, we do not have any immediate plans to add or remove anything. Some features may function slightly differently, but the core functionality will remain the same.

Do I have a choice?

Nope :)

NOTE: There will most likely be a few quirks for us to work out once we push, so bear with us in the beginning :)


Sebastian & the rest of the Infinite Flight team & Moderators.


I’m liking the look of this new look…

Can’t wait to see it implemented.


Same tbh. This place have looked pretty much the same for the past 8 years so these changes are quite welcome :)


Looks great! Expect to see me on there

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Should have ended it with “And may the fourth be with you.” @schyllberg 😂😂
But for real though, it looks like it will really help the flow!


Looking forward to this change and seeing it implemented. Change is always a good thing even if it takes some time to adapt.

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Looks interesting!

ooo yay! some change!

Looking forward to seeing how the white theme is going to look with the new design 👀

The what? Stop trying to be all special ;)


Very excited.😁

Forum has sure looked the same for how long now, some change will be nice!

This will be fun to have a bit of a change!

Looks cool!

Something I noticed when checking it out is that the replies seem to be a little ‘squished’ - i.e., each reply box is smaller, so might mess with the formatting of certain topics, but seems like just growing pains.



I’m not 100% sure of what you mean here.
But couldn’t it be that you have different zoom levels between Meta and IFC?

I run IFC at 80% for example but i have Meta on 100% which makes a difference for box sizes etc.

Oh wait, I think I see your point. The “boxes” for each post are smaller on Meta than what we have.
This is a site setting which looks to be the same here as on our Staging site, so there shouldn’t be any difference once we flip the switch here.


Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant - should’ve been clearer. But cool, in that case, shouldn’t be an issue!


I even installed a pixel measurement plugin for Chrome to check now. It’s the same here as on our Staging site which have the new stuff enabled. We should be good :)


I’m super excited for the awesome changes!! Question though: will this be released alongside an app update?

Two very different things, so no :)