Big boys at KNUC

yesterday at KNUC

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Flew into/out of KNUC a few times yesterday, traffic was heavy!

Was this on advanced or playground?

@Boeing707 move to live plz!

This was on playground I was the tai a380 holding short of the runway

Did you see an Icelandair 757 with the Call sign Dreamjet?

Yes I think so

Would you like to do a flight

When? I can do about 4:00PM GMT.

What time is that in Zulu

It is Zulu.

Ok what about 2:00pm gmt what plane and what region would you like to fly

Sorry. Can’t do 2:00 can 4:30. In an Icelandair 757 KNUC-KSAN-KLAX-KNUC.

On ATC Playground.

Ok that’s fine I can do that can you send me a photo of your flight plan and what is your call sign mine will be A13 Heavy. At KNUC I will be parked at ramp 1 so can you park at ramp 2. I will have an Icelandair 757 as well

Nice! My Call sign is Dreamjet. Can you sort the FLP?

Yes I can I’ll set it up now an send you a picture

Thank you! PM it to me plz!

I am that korean air

Done it Josh?