Big Boi On Remote Ramps At MSP




Hey everyone, just wanted to share my pictures of UR-82009, a 35 year old Antonov 124 currently at MSP. Its been sitting here for a couple of days after it delivered some mining equipment that will be used in the Minnesota Iron Range. This is my first time seeing an Antonov in person, and ill be sure to keep and eye out for when it departs, sorry for the grainy images, but they are the best I could get with my current skill level.


That’s is a beast of a plane!

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Nice shot, Daniel. Which de-ice pad is it at?

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Actually a slight correction, I thought it was the de-icing pads for 35 but upon a look at charts it is actually the Humphery Remote Apron on the south side of the airport.

Wow, all the way down there? Do you know how long it’s staying for?

I thought you meant Big Boi from Outkast ☹️

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Not sure, its been here for 2 days now, you would expect it to depart sooner but it is still here.

Wow nice catch man. I have seen one fly over my house in CLT and man that thing was super loud. I will be in MSP on May 29th. I’ll be on 3D on Delta One in the refurbished B77L. DL121 MSP-HND

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Great shots. I’m in Minneapolis for the weekend and would love to see it tomorrow. Do you know when it leaves? Also, where did you spot it from?

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Not sure when it leaves, the MSP Spotter group has been trying to figure it out but no information has been released so far, chances are it might stay over the weekend if it is still here.

Here is my spotting location, I payed the 6 ish dollars for long-term parking to get up to the top of the Terminal 2 parking to be able to get as close to it as possible, it doesn’t get any better than this unless you have ramp access.


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