Big Boi (An124) departure from Minneapolis


Hello IFC, today I had the chance to see the departure of a Antonov 124 at MSP! I woke up a 5am just to see it but it was well worth the payoff of seeing such a legendary aircraft that comes here every few years.

Lining up on runway 12R.

This picture below is my favorite and the best quality I had, here it is accelerating past the tower.


And here it is climbing past the Delta Techops hangars.

Overall it was a great experience seeing such a legendary aircraft, and I highly recommend attempting to see it yourself to understand the actual size of this aircraft!

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Looks amazing!


I was there, it was awesome!

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The photos look great! I am assuming you lightened them up a bit because it looks less gloomy than it actually was 😂

Oh yea it was quite dark, luckily the rain started exactly a minute after it departed so that didn’t mess up my shot.

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I saw it when I was driving out of MSP on Thursday! Currently on Leech lake Fishing!


Oooo nice pic man!!

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Didn’t y’all have a Hawaiian A330 at TechOps a few days ago? Beautiful pictures too, I love how you decided to go with panning for the second shot.


I found it on FR24 it looks like it was going to Huntsville

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Talk about commitment. True AvGeek. 😳


Wow I never realized that this aircraft had engine spikes (Yea I know thats now what they’re actually called)

It’s interesting to see how far even soviet-era aircraft have come.

Amazing!. Sadly I moved from Minneapolis about 2 years ago. I remember a few years before MSP had another AN124

WOW that looks incredible! love them.

Sick pictures, Ace! I considered waking up and coming to watch the departure but my bed was waaaaaay too cozy in the morning haha. Still got to see it a few days ago while I was spotting at MSP. Love the pictures!

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Awesome photos! I was driving up to Grand Marais the day it flew in and could see it cruising up above me. I was surprised to see that big of a plane in the sky so I went right to FR24 and saw it was that Antonov. I’m a bit bummed I didn’t wake up this morning to go see it off but I’m sure it will be back again.

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Great shots man! Waking up at 5 in the morning just to see an aircraft? I could only do that in my dreams!


That’s not the real big boi! Nice shots though

Woah!! Brilliant!

Ohhhhhhhh ya beauty
-Andy Gray:

Great to see another of the Antonov out here in the skies. I think one of these landed in Shannon last week. Great catch!