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Hi. I still haven’t invested in a good camera, and probably won’t ever with this inflation thing that’s supposedly going on. Regardless, many things with blades on top have been flying around recently, thought it would probably would be useful to do something with the SD card that’s full of bad backlit photos clear some storage on it.

The sun finally doing something good for once, during CoastGuard training

This flight somehow led to Regent’s Park in London, then a hospital west of Swansea, Wales, before returning back to the same stops. Must’ve been an odd day for the pilots.


This helicopter uses a callsign the same name as the aerodrome it’s based from. Confusing over the radio. “Redhill xxx, are you going to Redhill?”

This somehow made it across The Channel and diverted here

Big green thing from RAF Benson, Puma HC2

Literal flying Goldfish

A cool cat that’s wild, an Augusta Westland Aw159 Wildcat. Unfortunately the whole series is grounded at the time being due to an issue in the tail

The big chungus of the RAF, absolutely huge and intimidating. Temporarily replacing the Wildcat.

Anywho, these were things with blades on top, with the photos having more grain than your kitchen floor. enjoy. I have no money to try to edit these photos, no money to buy a good camera, and somehow money to be at this airport. There was a Chinook that called in on the radio the other day, although unfortunately turned away and didn’t swing by in the end.


Ugly, no plane 0/10


Dude found a flying shark… But great pictures! Love 'em :)


Mom can we have helicopter

No honey, we have helicopter at home

Helicopter at home:

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