Big bird at Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport

👋 Hello IFC
Server; Expert

Departing from VIDP, Hazy Morning.

Base Turn for Visual Approach into VILH

Turning for Finals;

Late Touch Down at VILH, with a tail wind of 15 knots.



Picture 2 & 3 for me: beautiful
Picture 2 & 3 for the GPWS: TERRRRAAAIIINNNNNN

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The approach looks scary! How was the touchdown? By the way great shots! Love the second picture ;)

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It was a long landing mate, I touched down late because of tail wind ps landing was smooth, Usually when we are landing at Leh, the key rule is you keep your speed minimum as the airport is at 10000ft when you are overhead the airport (16500) ft followed by left turn (for left downwind) as you are descending in end of downwind, base and finals, it’s key to keep a constant eye for speed.

I turned off the gpws mate 😹😆.

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How did you not overrun!?

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By using max reverse thrusters, until 50kts followed by max breaks.✌🏻

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