Big Bearded Man on a Tail

I’ve been wanting to do this route for a while now, scenery was amazing and the flight was smooth, sorry if the aircraft looks small in some photos, I was trying to capture more of the background and the clouds.

Route: Puerto Vallarta (MMPR) - Los Angeles (KLAX)
Aircraft: Alaska A320
Flight Time: 3 hours 1 Minute
Server: Expert

Mexican Scenery

Leaving Puerto Vallarta

Descending into smokey LA

Turn left heading 250, cleared for the ILS runway 25L

Greasing it on 25L

LAX in action

As always, let me know your favorite!

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Does anybody know what the big bearded mans name is?


Woah the last pic looks so cool!


I love the creative title for the post haha

His name is Chester. (that came from Alaska Airlines themselves)

Great photos @TheExDid_HD!!


thanks, good to know his name.

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Amazing pictures

Very cool pictures! The scenery is really amazing indeed and I am still absolutely astonished by the amount of details at LAX. Thanks for capturing this so well and sharing!

Hopefully Seattle gets some buildings

Oops wasn’t looking at the post where is Puerto Vallarta

It’s in Mexico!

Chester doesn’t have a beard though 😳

That’s his parka.

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Great photos!

His name is Chester Sevick the Eskimo, I was told that by an Alaska employee a few months ago 😂

Looking pretty swag 😎



oops, it looks like a beard on the tail

Yea I just realized it was a jacket and not a beard… after all those years-