Big Bear VA Landing Competition Results!

Big Bear Virtual Airline recently had a landing competition. Here is how it went:

All pilots completed a pattern with every aircraft in the Big Bear fleet, each aircraft had one winner. After we had the 5 winners, we went to KPMD to do a final competition in a Boeing 777.
Here are the results:
Boeing 737 (any variant) - @AdamCallow
Dash 8 Q400 - @anon93676386
Airbus A320 Family - @Pilotmaster2129
ERJ Family - @GolferRyan
Cessna 208 - @A_potato

Final Results:
Tied for first place: @AdamCallow and @Pilotmaster2129
Third Place: @anon93676386
@GolferRyan and @A_potato were not able to make the final, but they performed fantastically in the landings.

Special Thanks to the Original Judge @GolferRyan, for sacrificing his chance to compete in all but one aircraft
Super Special thanks to the judges that came on short notice to judge the final:
@golden.spotter, @Joshua_Fleming, and @Dan_Lleshi!

Interested in joining Big Bear VA?! Contact Me or @GolferRyan!

Our Website:

Thanks to all that participated, and congrats to the finalists and winners!


Great to be part of this fantastic event!

I turned up to watch your landing, pretty good!

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Thanks! I saw you:)

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